Vibration Fatigue

We provide a vibration fatigue capability that enables fatigue calculations to be carried out to simulate vibration testing, using either PSD or swept-sine loading. In addition to the PSD loading, the analysis also requires a frequency response function (FRF) from FE. This consists of a set of real and imaginary stresses calculated at various frequencies, driven by a unit load in the same units as the PSD to be applied. We are also capable of superimposing the vibration loading onto a static offset loadcase.

Vibration Fatigue Analysis

Assessing Vibration Fatigue enables the simulation of vibration shaker tests driven by random (PSD), swept-sine, sine-dwell or sine-on-random loading. It provides the capability to predict fatigue in the frequency domain and it is more realistic and efficient than time-domain analysis for many applications with random loading such as wind and wave loads. Finite Element models are solved for frequency response or modal analysis and the vibration loading is defined as during postprocessing. This can include the effect of temperature, static offset load cases and complete duty cycles of combined loading. Vibration fatigue loads can be used for Strain-Life (E-N), Stress-Life (S-N), spot weld, seam weld and short fibre composite analyses.