Quadco Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering office delivering specialised CAE services to a wide range of industries. We are specialised in performing complex numerical analyses and simulations. We are experts in the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for solving structural problems and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for analysing fluid flow processes and thermal problems.

Finite Element Analysis

Increasingly stricter industry standards and a growing demand for high-performance and durable products lead to a considerable increase in the complexity of the design process. The focus shifts to innovative and smart design with a minimal material, production and energy cost. Strength and stiffness analysis with Finite Element Analysis play a key role in staying ahead of competition.

Analysis Capabilities: Linear Analysis, Non-Linear Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Explicit Dynamics, Impact and drop test Analysis, Composites

our expertise in finite element analysis

Rops/fops analysis of a truck cabine

Fatigue & Durability Analysis

Failure as a result of material fatigue due to cyclic loading, is a major cause of structural collapse. Material fatigue is often overlooked in many designs, because fatigue failure occurs at material stress levels considerably lower than the allowable stress for a static load.

Analysis Capabilities: Stress-Life (S-N), Strain-Life (E-N), fatigue of welds, fatigue of composites, thermo-mechanical fatigue, vibration fatigue, crack growth analysis

our expertise in fatigue & durability analysis

Fatigue analysis of a car body part

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The behaviour of fluid flow is often very complex and hard to analyse or predict. With the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) we can help you to better understand specific flow behaviour and to adapt your design process accordingly.

Analysis Capabilities: Laminar Flow, Turbulent Flow, Turbine Analysis, Multiphase Flow, Non-Newtonian Flow, Combustion

Our expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Streamlines in a vortex blower

Heat Transfer Analysis

Heat Transfer, or in short thermal analysis has become a major aspect in many modern design processes. Most fluid flows, materials, parts and structures have temperature dependent characteristics that have an impact on the strength, performance and temperature level of components. With tools like FEA and CFD we can provide important information and insights, which are hard to obtain with analytical calculations or physical measurements.

Analysis Capabilities: Convection, conduction, thermal radiation, melting & solidifying, evaporation & condensation

Our expertise in heat transfer analysis

Temperature over time in a cooling box


Nowadays manufacturers must develop faster reliable and more durable products, which are lightweight and look elegant, and at a minimal cost. With CAE optimisation analyses, a remarkable decrease of the product development time can be achieved, because information of necessary design changes can be implemented more quickly. With our extensive expertise in CAE optimisation, we can help you to develop and market innovative and durable products in a competitive time frame.

Analysis Capabilities: Parametric Optimisation, Topology Optimisation, Adjoint Solver, Response Surfaces, Design Of Experiments

Our expertise in optimisation

Example of a response surface

Courses and Training

We regularly organise pratical and software-independent courses on the use of the Finite Element Method and on the calculation and analysis of material fatigue problems.

Available Courses: Practical Introduction to the Finite Element Method | Practical Introduction to Fatigue and Durability Analysis

course list

image of a page from the course book