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Metal fatigue is a complex subject. The failure of a structure due to fatigue seems often random and hard to predict. The fatigue process is stochastic by nature and can therefore only be described by statistical models. Although the physical processes driving fatigue are quite complicated and still not fully understood by science, metal fatigue can be rather accurately calculated and predicted in practice, if a number of design rules and assumptions are taken into account.
We like to share our knowledge with you, so you can obtain a better insight in the nature of fatigue and the process of fatigue analysis and learn how to avoid costs by developing more durable products.

What is material fatigue?

What is material fatigue exactly? Which factors influence the fatigue strength of a component?

What is Material fatigue?

Glossary of terms material fatigue

A comprehensive list of common terms, definitions and explanations of material fatigue.

Material fatigue definitions

Surface roughness factor KR

How is the surface roughness factor KR calculated and how is the S-N curve adjusted accordingly?

The Surface roughness factor KR explained

Ramberg-Osgood equation

What is the Ramberg-Osgood equation? How does the strain relate to the stress beyond the material yield point?

The Ramberg-Osgood equation explained

Certainty of survival

Fatigue test data contains some scatter. How to deal with it in the S-N curve?

Read about Certainty of Survival in Fatigue

Differences between high-cycle and low-cycle fatigue

What are the differences between high-cycle and low-cycle fatigue? What methods are available to address both types of fatigue failure modes?

Read about high-cycle and low-cycle fatigue

Impact of residual stresses on the fatigue strength of welded components

Tensile residual stresses are very detrimental to the fatigue strenght of welded components. Where are those residual stress loacted? How to predict and measure them? Which mitigation measures can be applied?

Read about residual stresses in welds

How to recognize material fatigue

This article delves into the intricacies of metal fatigue, offering insights into how to recognize this mode of material failure.

Learn how to recognize material fatigue

Material database fatigue properties

An overview of the materials for which we have detailed fatigue properties at our disposal.

Our material database for fatigue

Supported FEA file types

A list of the supported FEA file types we can directly read and import into our fatigue analysis software.

FEA file types we support

Our courses

If you want to learn more about how to use the Finite Element Method more efficiently in your designs or want to learn how to perform material fatigue calculations with FEA, then take a look at our courses page (link below).

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