Supported FEA file types for fatigue analysis

We can directly read and import a number of FEA file types into our fatigue analysis software. A list of the supported FEA file types is given in Table 1 below.

Table 1. Supported FEA file types for direct import into our fatigue analysis software.
(*) The stated version is the highest supported version. This list was last updated on August 6, 2021.
File type Version (*)
ABAQUS .fil 2021
ABAQUS .odb 2021
ANSYS .rst 2021 R2
FEMZIP-N .fz 1.7.3
I-DEAS .unv 10.0
LS-DYNA .d3plot, .d3eigv, .d3ssd 971
MSC NASTRAN .op2 2021
MSC NASTRAN .h5 2021
NX NASTRAN .op2 2020.2
Optistruct .h3d 2021.0
Optistruct .op2 2021.0
Pamcrash .erfh5 2020r5
Pro/Mechanica .neu 3.0