Finite Element Analysis

Increasingly stricter industry standards and a growing demand for high-performance and durable products lead to a considerable increase in the complexity of the design process. The competitiveness of many companies is under great pressure due to global competition. This shifts the focus to innovative and smart design with a minimal material, production and energy cost. Analysis tools like Finite Element Analysis play a key role in staying ahead of competition.

Solve complex structural problems with FEA

Accurate analysis with the Finite Element Method

The Finite Element Method permits to accurately analyse and predict the mechanical behaviour of structures. Potential problems can already be identified and solved very early in the design phase, avoiding expensive redesign or the need for executing many laboratory tests. A numerical analysis extends the understanding and the knowledge of the performance and durability of your designs and offer you the confidence needed to successfully market your products.

Calculate complex models with FEA

Finite Element Analyses does not only allow for evaluating parts with a complex geometry or with a non-linear material behaviour, but also problems involving diverse and unpredictable loading. As an example, when a structure is subject to dynamic loads, not only the magnitude of the load is of importance, but even so the loading frequency, which can lead to resonance and eventually to a fatal collapse of the structure.

Modale analyse van een oddshore windturbine jacket
Modal analysis of an offshore windturbine jacket. A modal analysis of a structure is an essential step for any dynamic analysis.

Quadco Engineering experts in Finite Element Analysis

The analysis engineers at Quadco Engineering are experts in the implementation of the Finite Element Method for the most challenging structural and mechanical problems for a wide range of industries.

Quadco Engineering continue to invest in the latest simulation and analysis software and develops in-house software as well, to accelerate the processing of large data sets and to produce comprehensible and detailed reports. This allows our customers to quickly implement the analysis results into the optimisation of their design process.

We are ready to analyse all your structural and mechanical related problems and to guide and advise you to design innovative and more durable products. Contact us today via phone or via contact for our offer or to set up a meeting to discuss your design challenges.

If you want to learn more about how to use the Finite Element Method more efficiently in your designs, then maybe our Practical Introduction to the Finite Element Method course can help you out.