About Us

Quadco Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering office delivering specialised services to a wide range of industries. We are specialised in performing complex numerical analyses and simulations. We are experts in the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for solving structural problems and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for analysing fluid flow processes and thermal cases.

Quadco FEA and CFD specialists

At Quadco Engineering we have a keen knowledge of advanced numerical analyses to solve the most demanding structural and process problems.

Our clients are active in industries such as the Offshore (Wind) Industry, Renewable Energy, Automotive, Aerospace, Machinery, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry and in Construction.

Our personal and clear approach of complex problems

The engineering team at Quadco Engineering is well-known for their broad and practical expertise, the personal and communicative approach during the project and for an excellent professional service. Every aspect of the project is executed within our own team, from defining the analysis objective to the modeling, meshing and solving of the numerical model and the creation of detailed custom-made reports.

Since numerical analyses and simulations can never cover every aspect of a design process, we also offer design services to our customers, we advise on material testing if required and we follow-up the technical communication with external material testing labs. We also develop software applications for design evaluation, engineering calculations and technical data processing. We always think along with our clients to make their success also ours!

Clearly defined objectives

The first step in every project we execute is to clearly define the analysis goal together with our client. The advantage is that not only the analysis budget and timing are clear from the beginning, but equally important is that the customer expectation is fully aligned with what our experts have in mind.

We continuously strive to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients. We do this by presenting the analysis results in custom-made and clear reports, made and edited with great care. After all, the goal of an analysis is not to deliver an automatically generated standard report, but to extract useful and structured information from the simulation that can immediately be used by our customers to streamline their design to achieve innovative and durable products and processes.

We constantly invest in the most performant hardware and software

Quadco Engineering invest continuously in the most performant and modern software and in the latest hardware technology. We do not do this only to execute our analyses faster, but also to be able to handle the most demanding and challenging analyses problems.

Let us help improve your competitiveness

We are looking forward to all new opportunities to share our know-how and expertise. We would like to help you to improve your competitiveness by guiding you in the design of more innovative and durable products and processes.

Let us know what your design challenges are, and we will produce an action plan and working methodology to help you to achieve your goals. Contact us today via phone or via contact for an offer or an appointment.