CFD Analysis

The behaviour of fluid flow is often very complex and hard to analyse or predict. The simulation of liquid and gas flow with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can help you to better understand specific flow behaviour and allows you to adapt your design process accordingly.
Quadco Engineering can support you with this process!

Better understand complex fluid flow problems with Computational Fluid Dynamics

Flow problems like undesired recirculation, the development of sudden pressure changes, energy losses, non-uniform velocity and temperature profiles, cavitation, etc. can all be analysed and solved with Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Computational Fluid Dynamics provides you with a detailed and deep knowledge of the flow process. This obtained information helps you with making well-informed design decisions to improve your process.

CFD analysis of the mixing process in a mixer
CFD analysis of the mixing process of a fluid in a mixer with an axial impeller and five baffles.

Optimise your process with Computational Fluid Dynamics

Numerical flow analyses can help you to both optimise and accelerate the design of your products or processes. The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics is complementary to physical experiments and can help you in reducing the number of expensive and time-consuming prototype tests.

The results obtained from a CFD analysis allow you to assess pressures, velocities, temperatures etc. at any timestep and at any location in the fluid domain. This large amount of detailed information allows you to make the right decisions to improve your processes and to design innovative and durable products. Using tools like CFD makes it possible to rapidly evaluate many what-if scenarios.

Streamlines through a vortex blower
Streamlines through a vortex blower. Mixing a cold and a hot gas flow develops more efficiently when the gas is also pushed through a vortex generator.

Quadco Engineering experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics

The engineering team at Quadco Engineering are experts in using Computational Fluid Dynamics and have long-standing experience in analysing a wide array of complex fluid flow problems for different industries. Quadco Engineering continue to invest in the latest simulation and analysis software and develops in-house software as well, to accelerate the processing of large data sets and to produce comprehensible and well-ordered reports. This allows our customers to quickly implement the analysis results into the optimisation of their design process.

We are ready to analyse all your fluid flow related problems and to guide and advise you to design and optimise your processes. Contact us today via phone or via contact for our offer or to set up a meeting to discuss your design challenges.